Monday, February 17, 2014

Home away from home

This is the quatrefoil fountain at the Alcazar. As part of the monuments in Seville course, we visited the Alcazar. This was my second time here, but I still found many things I did not see the first time, like this fountain! 

Tina, Sarah, and I went shopping one day after school and we found this little guy in one of the stores! He was super adorable and friendly. The woman who works in the store leaves a leash on him, so he can walk outside to say hi to people, but he can't run away. He was super cute! 

This past weekend was very relaxing. I am so fortunate to be able to spend this semester in such a beautiful and amazing place. The weather was perfect on Sunday, so Tina and I bought sandwiches and ate them by the river. The sun was out and it was awesome, especially after the many days of rain and dreariness we had been dealing with. We did some people watching and studying, while enjoying the great weather. This week we have our first exams for every class, then on Friday, we are headed to PORTUGAL for the weekend!! I am so excited!

Over the weekend, Tina and I ate lunch at The Room, which is a restaurant right across from school. We had great tapas. I had a tuna burger, which was delicious and Tina ordered hummus.

We ate dinner at the falafel place we love! We have already been there 3 times since we have been in Seville. I love falafel!

My Tuna burger with the best potato chips- they weren't greasy or too salty, they were perfect! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day Trip to Ronda!

This was taken from the bus- it was so beautiful & really was as green as it appears in the photo. 

The mountains were so beautiful

This is the "New Bridge" Puente Nuevo

Sarah, Tina, and I with the bridge & mountains in the background

Statue of a bull outside the bull fighting ring

The bull fighting ring in Ronda

Where the royal family sat to watch the bull fight- as the tour guide indicated- even the pillars are different in this section. They are more decorated compared to the others around the ring, which are much more simple in appearance. 

The stairs to walk up to the second floor of the bull ring

The quatrefoil is my sorority symbol & this was taken from the second floor of the bull ring

Statues outside the entrance to the bull ring

This past Friday we took a day trip to Ronda. We left around 9:30 and it took less than 2 hours to get there. We had our own tour guide who showed us the bull ring in the new part of Ronda and then, she took us to the old part of Ronda where we saw some churches and cool buildings. To get from the new part to the old part we crossed what is refereed to as the "New Bridge" or "Puente Nuevo" which was beautiful! We took lots of pictures and we could also see the mountains, which were also amazing!