Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Stop- Madrid

Arrived in Madrid January 2nd! Although it was a rainy day, it was still beautiful and there was so much to see! Our hotel was walking distance from everything we wanted to see, which was great! 

Right away we noticed people speak spanish with a different accent in Spain. Also, they say "vale" A LOT, which means "okay." Even though it rained every day we were in Madrid, we got to see so many cool things and I brought my umbrella, which was helpful!

The first few days in Spain was a mixture of jet lag and adjusting to the time difference since Spain is 6 hours ahead of the US. Although tired, we did A LOT of walking and exploring the city during our 3 days in Madrid. 

My favorite part of being in Spain so far is the freshly squeezed orange juice you can find most places. It is absolutely the most delicious OJ I have ever had and I drink it pretty much every morning now! 

Welcome to Madrid!!

Day 1- Exploring the city

Tapas for lunch- hummus, bread, and cheese

The Market

Right outside el Plaza Mayor 

The Plaza after new years- they were cleaning up the day we arrived

Raf in the Plaza 

 Sangria yum!

 Quatrefoils on the pews in the cathedral

 Museo del Prado- Art museum

The Palace Hotel

Christmas Tree- the view from outside and underneath

Another Christmas tree

Churros con chocolate
The line to get into the palace

The Palace

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