Sunday, January 12, 2014


Although not a large city, Granada is very beautiful. We found many good places to eat here and toured the Alhambra yesterday, which was amazing! It was a very large castle and fortress with beautiful gardens and views of the city. We were able to learn about the Alhambra using the audio tour guide. 

We watched the sunrise from the plane to Granada

The Alhambra- my favorite photo 

The city

The cathedral

One of the beautiful carved and tiled walls in the Alhambra 

Design on one of the walls close up 

The lion door knocker 

The river 

The red line is our long walk to Alhombra and it was ALL uphill! 

Quatrefoils in the ceiling 

Beautiful garden 

One of the many orange trees!

Even the ground there was beautiful! 

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